2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 27, 2023  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music, Music Education-Keyboard, B.A.

Program Requirements

Core Requirements: Minimum of 38 credits in the core curriculum required of all students. Students who enter as first-time freshmen must take an entering freshman and rising junior assessment to complete core requirements.

Program Admission Requirements: A placement test in music theory and performance is required before enrolling in first semester classes. Students must complete or test out of MUSI 101  and MUSI 102  and perform a successful audition to be admitted into the Music Education degree program. Student must fulfill all requirements for admission to Teacher Education. EDUC 211  must be completed in the second year. Admission to Teacher Education required before enrolling in EDUC 421 , EDUC 450 , EDUC 460 , EDUC 480 , EDUC 490 , and READ 320 . Please consult music program handbook for additional information.

Graduation Requirements: All graduating seniors are required to complete the Graduating Senior Assessment after completing 90 or more semester hours (including credit by examination), but not later than the graduation semester. In order to graduate, students in this degree program must: 1. Obtain a grade of C or higher in all music and education courses; 2. Pass the Piano Proficiency Exam; 3. Pass the PRAXIS I Exam; 4. Complete juries each semester of applied lessons; 5. Pass the Sophomore Qualifying Exam (prior to 300 level of applied lessons); 6. Successfully complete a Senior Recital in the semester before graduation and perform a senior recital hearing one month before the scheduled recital date; 7. Earn a grade of P in MUSI 165  for five semesters.

University College Core Curriculum: 38 Credits

Transitional Studies - University Studies: 2 Credits

UNIV 101 -UNIV 102  required for all first time students; UNIV 110  required for transfer students with fewer than 30 transfer credits. Students do not earn credit if requirement is waived. UNIV 111  may be required based on academic performance.

Select one option from the following:

Communication Skills - Written Communication: 3 Credits

Communication Skills - Oral Communication: 3 Credits

Information Literacy: 3 Credits

Reasoning Skills - Critical Thinking: 3 Credits

Not required for students with 60+ transfer credits. Students do not earn credit if requirement is waived.

Scientific Literacy - Natural Sciences: 7 Credits

At least one natural science class must include a lab. Some majors require two lab sciences, increasing requirement to 8 credits.

Humanities and Creative Arts: 3 Credits

Ethics and Civic Engagement: 3 Credits

Not required for students with 60+ transfer credits. Students do not earn credit if requirement is waived.

Program Requirements: 85 Credits

Applied Keyboard Courses: 8 Credits

Select appropriate sequence from the following:

(Each course in sequence must be completed two times in the 100-300 levels and only once at the 400 level.)

Ensemble Requirements: 7 Credits

Major Ensembles

Courses repeated for credit. Select four major ensembles from the following:

Additional Ensemble

Select one additional ensemble from the above major and chamber ensembles. Note: all above selections are based on your major instrument.

Total Credit Hours: 123