Faculty Handbook 
    May 22, 2024  
Faculty Handbook

Emeritus Faculty

I. Introduction

EMERITUS FACULTY. If a Professor Emeritus is engaged in scholarly and/or educational activities, the University may consider allowing the Professor Emeritus the use of University facilities and equipment, if such is available. Such usage must be preceded by written recommendations and justifications by the department head, school associate dean and the dean to the Provost. The Provost shall determine whether such usage is appropriate

II. Criteria for Candidacy

Emeritus status is not considered as automatic. To be considered for Emeritus status, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The faculty member must have at least ten (10) successive years of full-time employment at the University prior to retirement.
  2. The faculty member must hold the rank of Professor and be tenured at the time of retirement.
  3. The faculty member must have a consistent record quality performance as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
    1. A substantive record of scholarly achievement commensurate with state, national and international standards within the  faculty member’s specific discipline;
    2. A recognized record of outstanding teaching and educational contributions; or
    3. Clear evidence of outstanding service to the University beyond what is required to obtain tenure and/or promotion at the various ranks.
  4. The faculty member must present evidence or a plan of continuing outstanding activity of service to the University.

III. Selection and Appointment

In considering a faculty member for Emeritus status, a department chair or school associate  dean must first consult with the tenured faculty in the department or school. After such consultation, the department chair or school associate dean may initiate the application process by submitting comprehensive curriculum vitae along with supporting documentation that details how the faculty member meets the criteria outlined in Section II above. Thereafter, the department chair or school associate dean shall forward the department chair’s or the school’s recommendation along with the faculty member’s vitae and supporting documentation to the dean of the respective college. After considering the department chair’s or schools associate dean’s recommendation and the supporting documentation, the dean shall forward the dean’s recommendation to the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. After considering the recommendations and reviewing the supporting documentation, the Provost shall forward the Provost’s recommendation to the Chancellor. The Chancellor shall determine whether the recommendation will be forwarded to the University’s Board of Trustees for consideration. The Board of Trustees shall have the final decision on whether to honor a faculty member with Emeritus status. If such status is approved by the Board of Trustees, the faculty member will be notified, in writing, by the Chancellor.

IV. Privileges

Faculty approved for Emeritus status shall receive the following privileges:

  • Listing indicating Professor Emeritus status in appropriate University catalogues and directories.
  • Full library privileges.
  • E-mail address and support including listings in FSU directories.
  • Access privileges to the University’s physical fitness facilities.
  • Invitation to attend and/or participate in University public ceremonies.
  • Parking pass (faculty must request pass from the Office of the Provost).
  • Athletic pass (faculty must request pass from the Office of the Provost).